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Pools are currently an unfinished feature on Curveybooru.
Everything here and on the pools page is subject to change.

Pools are groups of posts with a common theme. They are similar to favorites with three important differences: public pools allow anyone to add or remove from them, you can create multiple pools, and posts in a pool can be ordered. This makes pools ideal for subjective tags, or for posts that are part of a series (as is the case in cg sets).

Pools can be private, public or personal. A private pool means you are the only person who can add or remove from it. In contrast, public pools can be updated by anyone with an account.

Pool Categories

With this feature you can know more about a little more about the pool before clicking on it.

In the future you will be able to sort for what pool category you're most interested in.


Pools should only contain posts that are related to the pool title.


Pools should only contain comics with multiple cells or sequential art.


Pools should only contain independently-published Japanese mangas/comics.