Update: Pools list UI has been improved, it is now a gallery of thumbnails.
Update: Pools list is back but gallery will stay the default and you can now see all pools that contain a post by clicking "Pool Relationships" when viewing a post.

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A post represents a single file that's been uploaded. Each post can have several tags, comments, and notes. If you have an account, you can also add a post to your favorites.

Tag List

In both the listing page and the show page you'll notice a list of tag links with characters next to them. Here's an explanation of what they do:

This adds the tag to the current search.
This adds the negated tag to the current search.
The number next to the tag represents how many posts there are. This isn't always the total number of posts for that tag. It may be slightly out of date as cache isn't always refreshed.
Some tag links may be colored green, purple, or red. Green means the tag represents a character. Purple means the tag represents a copyright (things like anime, manga, games, or novels). Red means the tag represents an artist.

When you're not searching for a tag, by default the tag list will show the last few tags added to the database. When you are searching for tags, the tag list will show related tags, alphabetically.

Parent Posts

This is a way of grouping posts together that are related to each other in someway.

Valid reasons to group posts is if they're subsequent pages of a comic/doujinshi, weight gain or minor variations of the parent post.

To parent posts together simply copy the ID of the inital parent post you want to use.

Once you have the ID go into a post that you would like to parent and press edit, then input the ID into the Parent section and save the changes.

Tag Categories

Tags can be put into categories. Currently there are only four categories: artist, character, copyright and meta.

The indivdual colors listed below can make it easy to identify a tag that is in a category.


Artist tags identify the tag as the artist. This doesn't mean the artist of the original copyrighted artwork (for example, you wouldn't use the barasui tag on a picture of Miu drawn by hanaharu_naruko).


Character tags identify the character featured within the artwork.

The copyright type indicates the tag represents an anime, cartoon, a game, a novel, company or some sort of copyrighted setting.


Mostly used for furry characters to indicate which species is featured in the post.

There is a human tag which should be used to indicate posts which feature both human and furry characters but that isn't a requirement.


Meta tags are important tags that represent core details about the posts such as the resolution (hi_res, low_res, absurd_res), if it is artwork and what type (cgi, drawn) or even if the post needs more tags (tagme, tagme_artist, tagme_character)


Artifacts are the residue of image processing usually left in the JPEG format. It makes the image look weird and blocky around parts of the drawing


For your convenience, here are links to some examples. Don't upload images with artifacts.

1 (No noticeable compression) | 2 Light Compression | 3 (Heavy Compression) | 4 (Ms Paint compression)