hyper breasts

Last changed: 2022/12/26 12:36 

Hyper Breasts are breasts that are unrealistically, unbelievably enormous - far beyond a size that can be excused by mere exaggeration or artistic license that may be found with huge_breasts.

Hyper breasts should be disproportionately large in comparison to the character's body, the largest examples tend to be completely unwieldy, touching the ground, or obscuring their owner's legs, even immobilizing them, at their largest, hyper breasts can dwarf their owner entirely,

Tagging Notes

What Should Be Tagged As Hyper Breasts:

Hyper Breasts is one of the easiest breast sizes to tag, but is frequently over-tagged, here are some criteria for what should be tagged as hyper breasts, rather than huge_breasts:

Hyper breasts should be many times larger than their owner's head

If the breasts are only slightly larger than, or equal to the size of the head, they should not be tagged as hyper breasts

Hyper breasts should cover most or all of the character's upper body, possibly sagging to their waist or thighs

"Smaller" hyper breasts may be unrealistically perky and round, allowing the midriff to be visible

Avoid tagging obese or overweight characters with hyper breasts, unless their breasts are disproportionately large compared to their body.