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Alias (What you search for...)Tag (What it should be...)Reason (A brief reason as to why this tag is aliased)
2hu (0) ->touhou (89)
2_girls (17) ->2girls (885)too similar
3_girls (4) ->3girls (161)too similar
aftersex (5) ->after_sex (23)same
amethyst (0) ->amethyst_(steven_universe) (48)
animation (0) ->animated (260)same thing
ankha (0) ->ankha_(animal_crossing) (15)shortened
anonymous_man_69_nice (0) ->clowntown6969 (18)artists new username
aquamarine (0) ->aquamarine_(steven_universe) (15)shortened
asuka_langley (0) ->asuka_langley_soryu (0)
axel-rosered (0) ->axel_rosered (47)replace dash with underscore
ayanami_rei (0) ->rei_ayanami (21)
belly_hang (0) ->belly_overhang (607)same thing
betterwithsalt (0) ->better_with_salt (86)spaces
blue_pearl (0) ->blue_pearl_(steven_universe) (4)
blush (0) ->blushing (2496)shortened
bubble_ass (0) ->bubble_butt (523)same thing
bws (0) ->better_with_salt (86)
cakecatboy (7) ->catboymech (21)old username
cakehoarder (0) ->catboymech (21)current name
closed_eye (3) ->one_eye_closed (93)same thing
cum_in_hair (0) ->cum_on_hair (6)corrected
curvy (0) ->curvey (1680)because its "curvey" booru
curvy_body (0) ->curvey_body (29)because its "curvey" booru
curvy_female (0) ->curvey_female (31)because its "curvey" booru
curvy_figure (0) ->curvey_figure (80)because its "curvey" booru
curvy_hips (2) ->curvey_hips (3)because its "curvey" booru
curvy_thighs (2) ->curvey_thighs (1)because its "curvey" booru
dialog (0) ->dialogue (1927)Same thing, different spelling.
doubutsu_no_mori (3) ->animal_crossing (65)Same series
doujin (35) ->doujinshi (403)
dragon_maid (0) ->miss_kobayashi's_dragon_maid (61)
dustin (0) ->dustindemon (109)
evangelion (0) ->neon_genesis_evangelion (45)
fang (55) ->fangs (72)generalize term Rejected: fang can be used to describe a character with a single fang visible.
flat_chested (0) ->flat_chest (33)same meaning
fosters_home_for_imaginary_friends (0) ->foster's_home_for_imaginary_friends (54)Include the missing apostrophe
garnet (0) ->garnet_(steven_universe) (15)
geodudeman124 (0) ->gollygeo (11)old username
gumball (0) ->the_amazing_world_of_gumball (84)shortened

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