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You can suggest a new alias, but they must be approved by an administrator before they are activated.
An example of how to use this: (Neon_Genesis_Evangelion is the tag and Evangelion is the alias. Evangelion -> Neon_Genesis_Evangelion)

The meaning of the backgrounds are: Approved Pending Review Rejected

Alias (What you search for...)Tag (What it should be...)Reason (A brief reason as to why this tag is aliased)
2hu ->touhou
amethyst ->amethyst_(steven_universe)
animation ->animatedsame thing
ankha ->ankha_(animal_crossing)shortened
anonymous_man_69_nice ->clowntown6969artists new username
aquamarine ->aquamarine_(steven_universe)shortened
asuka_langley ->asuka_langley_soryu
axel-rosered ->axel_roseredreplace dash with underscore
ayanami_rei ->rei_ayanami
belly_hang ->belly_overhangsame thing
betterwithsalt ->better_with_saltspaces
blue_pearl ->blue_pearl_(steven_universe)
blush ->blushingshortened
bubble_ass ->bubble_buttsame thing
bws ->better_with_salt
cakehoarder ->catboymechcurrent name
cum_in_hair ->cum_on_haircorrected
curvy ->curveybecause its "curvey" booru
curvy_body ->curvey_bodybecause its "curvey" booru
curvy_female ->curvey_femalebecause its "curvey" booru
curvy_figure ->curvey_figurebecause its "curvey" booru
dialog ->dialogueSame thing, different spelling.
dragon_maid ->miss_kobayashi's_dragon_maid
dustin ->dustindemon
evangelion ->neon_genesis_evangelion
fang ->fangsgeneralize term Rejected: fang can be used to describe a character with a single fang visible.
flat_chested ->flat_chestsame meaning
fosters_home_for_imaginary_friends ->foster's_home_for_imaginary_friendsInclude the missing apostrophe
garnet ->garnet_(steven_universe)
geodudeman124 ->gollygeoold username
gumball ->the_amazing_world_of_gumballshortened
hypno ->hypnosis
ignotoz ->sunnysundowncorrect username
isabelle ->isabelle_(animal_crossing)
jx9 ->jenny_wakemansame thing
kurocaze ->kurokaze_no_soraArtist name, Updated tag from "kurocazenosora" to be in-line with other boorus.
kurocaze-s ->kurokaze_no_soraArtist name, Updated tag from "kurocazenosora" to be in-line with other boorus.
kurokaze ->kurokaze_no_soraArtists long name
lapis ->lapis_lazuli_(steven_universe)
lapis_lazuli ->lapis_lazuli_(steven_universe)shortened

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