Notice: I have split the uploaders in two. One is the original gelbooru uploader that has tag suggestions like the search bar making it easier to tag your initial uploads, the other is the multi uploader which allows you to drag & drop and quickly mass upload files.
Please consider contributing to our booru: Add - Multi-Add
Posted 1 years ago
Bug & Suggestions, post/report them here
This website has opened very recently so there will be a lot of growing pains trying to get the software right.

If you're reporting a bug in this thread make sure to include all relevent information.
e.g. what you did to encounter this bug, your browser, your os, urls the bug happened on.

If you're making a suggestion try to explain it as clearly and well detailed as possible and don't expect it to be implemented right away.
Some features that need to be added such as pools will take lots of time and work to implemented.
Posted 6 months ago
Suggestion would be to limit the number of tags on the left side. Certain pages have an excessive number of tags requiring you to scroll down far to see the next page button.
Posted 6 months ago
Lowered the amount of tags shown from 40 to 30. Originally I increased the amount from 20 because sometimes pages would show hardly any tags but I guess I overdid it.
If its still too much let me know.

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