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Pools are a new feature recently added to Curveybooru.
Pools allow you to group and categorize posts with a common theme. Unlike your favourites list you can order posts inside your pools in any order and change the order at anytime.
Anyone who has signed-up for an account can freely create and edit their own pool. When creating your pool make sure to set edit permissions to private unless you want anyone to be able to make changes to your pool.

poolSunsleptOS Rose SequenceCollection4
pool[Tashoelle] Fat Ashley (ongoing)Comic3
pool[Harumi Kaneda] Summary 3Collection14
pool[habutton] Athletics Circle Girl (Ongoing)Doujinshi31
pool[fusa] Ayano's Weight Gain Diary (Ongoing)Doujinshi259
poolFyssiono PeridotCowComic3
poolfapolantern Marie WG driveCollection6
poolmiramiraclerun Big Hurry 2Comic5
poolSweet dreams coffee 9S sequenceCollection3
poolWii Fit ResolutionsCollection6
pool[Better With Salt] Lucy's StuffingComic28
poolChubby GirlsCollection70
pool[kaiga123 (カイガ Comic)] 【膨体】お尻にホースを指して膨腹、膨体プレイで気持ちよくなっちゃうスク水ちゃんDoujinshi5
poolHoni-san (ホニさん) Class is boring (授業退屈だなあ。@加筆版)Doujinshi4
pool[fusa] Prideful Slender Girl Gets ChubbyDoujinshi29
poolFit 2 FatCollection19
pool[softon] Mako's LifeDoujinshi8
pool[kaiga123 (カイガ Comic)] New Year's super fat galComic4
pool[SuperSpoe] Clash of CastersComic5
pool[Zeiniku Nouen(Hoikooroo)] [WataMote] Tomokos FeederDoujinshi4
pool[fusa] Ayano's Weight Gain Diary: Dream!Doujinshi8
pool[habutton] Study abroad girlfriendComic33
poolPriscilla's Pampering ProgressCollection6
pool[sweetdreamcoffee] A Taste of TemptationComic8
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