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Pools are a new feature recently added to Curveybooru.
Pools allow you to group and categorize posts with a common theme. Unlike your favourites list you can order posts inside your pools in any order and change the order at anytime.

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pool[habutton] Study abroad girlfriendComic33
poolPriscilla's Pampering ProgressCollection6
poolA Taste of TemptationComic8
poolKomi-san has trouble saying no to foodCollection8
poolSylvia WG DriveCollection8
poolOld Untitled Trinity Fate ComicComic5
poolChubby GirlsCollection45
pool[Viroveteruscy] Blake Dinewel - Growing AppetiteComic12
pool[Viroveteruscy] Tiffany - Big BurgerzComic15
poolNier:Automata's 2B Doujin by ZIRANDoujinshi6
poolCassandra's Weight GainComic20
poolShort ComicsComic14