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Curveybooru is a taggable imageboard for curvey, thick, chubby and bbw illustrations. It is based off, and inspired by the Danbooru concept. This booru does not run on Danbooru's software it instead runs on a heavily modified version of Gelbooru 0.11.1.

Tagging Help Needed

* Posts that lack many tags, if a post has enough tags remove the "tagme" tag:;s=list&tags=tagme
* Posts without a known artist:;s=list&tags=tagme_(artist)
* Posts featuring a character that the uploader could not identify:;s=list&tags=tagme_(character);tags=unknown_character;tags=character_request
* Posts without a source:
(It's important to note that many posts are sourceless and don't have this tag)

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